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Calexicana Podcast Page

Confused by the choice of tunes in our archive?
Dumbfounded as to what to download next?
Naturally indecisive?
Or just can't be arsed?

Don't worry - all this is taken care of by the experimental
Calexicana Podcast!
Not only does it contain a choice selection of Calexico tracks, there is also EXTRA BONUS STUFF included for your listening pleasure.
(Or not, as the case may be!).
Sit back in the mass transit vehicle of your choice, plug in your mp3 player , eschew all human contact with those around you and enjoy Calexico on the way to work.

Subscribe by pasting this url into your podcast software (iTunes, Juice etc) :
(you never know, there may be another one...)

Podcast No.1 - May 25, 2006

Format: mp3. Filesize: 41mb. Duration: 43:27.
Download.  Tracklist and Notes

Podcast No.2 - Accordions - June 26, 2006

Format: mp3. Filesize: 37mb. Duration: 38:10.
Download.  Tracklist and Notes

Podcast No.3 - Spaghetti - September 30th, 2006

Format: mp3. Filesize: 37.1mb. Duration: 39:37.
Download.  Tracklist and Notes

Podcast No.4 - Dancing in the Badlands - March 25th, 2007

Format: mp3. Filesize: 37.1mb. Duration: 42:47.
Download. Tracklist and Notes

Podcast No.5 - Frontera - October 23rd, 2008

Format: 192kbps mp3. Filesize: 60mb. Duration: 43:17.
Download.Tracklist and Notes to follow.
It's a surprise!

Podcast No.6 - The Corrido Tells All - August 12th, 2013 (yes,five years since the previous one!!)

Format: 320kbps mp3. Filesize: 111mb. Duration: 48:37.
Download.Tracklist and Notes

Podcast No.7 - Trumpets at the Gates of Jericho - August 15th, 2014

Format: FLAC (for the audiophiles amongst you) or 320kbps mp3 via Mixcloud Duration: 52.18.
Download FLAC (299mb) Stream mp3 on Mixcloud Tracklist and Notes